posted by admin on Jul 1

Tree stands come in five different types. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Fixed Stand

This stand is made by affixing a platform to a tree using straps, ropes or permanent fasteners. One of the walls is attached to the tree trunk. It’s designed to take the weight of a hunter and muffle noise.

Permanent Stands

These are stands meant to stay up all year. They can get quite elaborate and allow for creature comforts like chairs and a shooting table for greater accuracy. It takes some carpentry skills to build this stand, but after it’s up, it lasts for years.

Ladder Stands

This is simply a stand that is attached to a ladder. The ladder is fastened to the tree with rope or straps. They are big, and it’s easy for animals to spot movement.

Climbing Stands

These are manufactured stands. Many types exist. They are not too bulky and are easily moved. These stands allow a hunter to climb a tree by moving the platform with his feet.

Tower Stands

These stands are supported by three or more legs. They are designed for areas where the trees can’t support a traditional tree stand. They are heavy and cumbersome but may be the only option for some terrain.

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