posted by admin on Apr 29

Choosing the right gun case for your rifle depends on a few factors. Consider how much protection you are looking for and how far you may be traveling to your favorite hunting spot. Are you carrying your rifle while walking only a mile or two into the woods, or are you strapping it on to an ATV and traveling in deeper? Do you place it gently in your vehicle, or do you toss it in the back of your truck along with your cooler and tree stand?

Soft cases are the way to go if you are gentle and don’t plan on traveling far. They are usually smaller and can be fold to lean on. Some prefer them for everyday storage because they let your rifle breathe.

Hard cases provide more protection. You and your hunting buddies can toss everything in the back of the truck and travel a few hundred miles without worry. Not only do they protect your rifle, your scope is protected, too. If you happen to get that prize buck, spilling a bit of blood is easily cleaned off. If they do fall, there is less chance of your rifle being knocked of its zero.

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