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The last thing a hunter wants when a game animal is in his sights is for his rifle to jam or misfire. Rifle jams can happen to even the best-maintained rifles, but the chance of it happening to a rifle with a dirty firing mechanism and fouled bore is much greater. Here are some sound ways to clean your most important piece of hunting equipment.

Once you have verified that the magazine and chamber are empty, stand the rifle upright on the stock, and point it away from you. Apply some gun-cleaning oil to a bore brush, and push it through the barrel five times.I found some more information here.

Unscrew the brush attachment, and attach the cleaning jag. Thread a cleaning patch through the eye, and push the cleaning rod through the barrel several times. Replace the patch with a new one when it gets dirty.

Finish cleaning the barrel by lubricating it with a little gun oil. Apply some to a cleaning patch, and run the patch through the barrel a few times.

To clean the firing mechanism, flush it with some gun-cleaning solvent, and scrub it with an old toothbrush.

Wipe the parts clean, and lubricate them lightly with some gun oil.

Apply a light coating of gun oil or grease to the exterior of the gun with a rag to keep it from rusting.

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