posted by admin on Apr 24

Those new to hunting will be very enthused about their new hobby. This enthusiasm should not lead to a lack of being prepared. There are certain items you positively should bring with you when you go hunting.

You definitely will need a good knife. The knife is not an offensive weapon. It is to be used as a tool and you may need it on your hunting excursions. A bone crusher may be required depending on the type of game you are hunting.

You may even need a treestand if you are archery hunting or if you are hunting game such as bear.

A flashlight should be brought with you. Granted, you are hunting during the daytime, but problems do happen and you might find yourself out after dark and a flashlight or even a lantern could be a huge help.

Bring raingear with you. Inclement weather can emerge out without any warning. You definitely do want raingear to keep you from getting soaked. And speaking of rain, you will want waterproof matches in case you have to set a fire.

A first aid kit also does not hurt to have. Accidents occur and you definitely want to be prepared if they do.

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